About Your Hunt:

A good day
Good hunt

Your hunting adventure starts at Granzellas (www.granzellas.com), a four star hotel, restaurant, and sports bar the night before your hunt. There you will enjoy a famous menu, a wide screen TV, with your favorite sports team, and world class taxidermy, from birds to animals.

Your morning wake up call gets you going along with a complimentary continental breakfast and coffee. Then you're off to a short 15 minute drive were you will meet your guide and other fellow hunters.

The guide will introduce every one, check licenses, finish any unfinished paper work, and brief everyone on hunting conditions, weather conditions, and just what to expect the day of your hunt.

It's now off to the field. After a short drive to the parking lot next to the field, you will have time to put on your camo and boots and grab any last minute things. You will have a short walk to the pit. Once at the pit, the guide may ask for your help taking care of last minute preparations.

Safety is our number one priority at Blake's Guide Service. You will be part of a very intensive safety talk at the pit. Gun safety, where and when to shoot, and sector shooting will be talked about. It is imperative that everyone fully understands the safety aspects of this hunt.

Depending on weather conditions and bird traffic, our hunts end around 1:00pm. Some hunts will take a lunch break and then return to the field for an afternoon hunt, depending on conditions. After your hunt, we will return to the parking lot were we will take photos and split up the birds. Bird cleaning is available in Colusa, 15 minutes away. Come and be a part of this very professional and incredible hunting adventure!

Snow goose

Good hunt

Weather is a key factor for success. If we have a clear blue bird day, our hunting will be less than optimal. The more turbulent the weather, the better the hunting will be.


Good hunt
Good hunt

Geese on the wing

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